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Daly Volume

The Daly Volume

Problems in Geology and Geophysics

A volume dedicated to Reginald Aldworth Daly
Preface and Table of Contents

Strategy in Geology.
Excerpts from Professor Daly’s writings

Correlation of Wisconsin glacial maxima
Ernest Antevs

Mechanics of igneous intrusion in New Hampshire
Marland P. Billings

An estimate of the surface flow of heat in the west Texas Permian Basin
Grancis Birch and Harry Clark

Phase equilibria bearing on the origin and differentiation of alkaline rocks
Norman L. Bowen

Polymorphic transitions and geological phenomena
P. W. Bridgman

Basement control in Rocky Mountain deformation
Rollin T. Chamberlin

Parallel evolution in the foraminifera
Joseph A. Cushman

The hydrothermal factor in ore deposition
G. Vibert Douglas

Conjectures regarding volcanic heat
L. C. Graton

Scale models of structures related to batholiths
Frank F. Grout

Variations in physical properties within the Earth’s crustal layers
Beno Gutenburg

Leucitized granite xenoliths from the potash-rich lavas of Bunyaruguru, South-west Uganda
Arthur Holmes

Protection of harbors from lava flow
T. A. Jaggar

Types of isostatic adjustment
Harold Jeffreys

The international gravity formula
Walter D. Lambert

The evolution of the hydrosphere
Alfred C. Lane

Time required for the crystallization of the great batholith of Southern and Lower California
Esper S. Larsen

The mechanics of orogeny
Chester R. Longwell

Pre-Cambrian problems in western Australia
H. E. McKinstry

The wasting ores of a small planet
D. H. McLaughlin

The Olympic-Wallowa lineament
Erwin Raisz

Air photography in geographical exploration and in topographical and geological surveying
A. Hamilton Rice

The present status of Daly’s hypothesis of the alkaline rocks
S. J. Shand

On the astronomical dating of the Earth’s crust
Harlow Shapley

Tin deposits of Carguaicollo, Bolivia
F. S. Turneaure and Russell Gibson

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