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Bowen Volume

The Bowen Volume

In appreciation of Norman L. Bowen


Carnegie Institution of Washington

Publication No. 1200

Introduction, Forward and Table of Contents


List of systems investigated at Geophysical Laboratory
Leason H. Adams

The differentiation of a composite aplite from the Priblof Islands, Alaska
Tom. F. W. Barth

Chemical petrology of some metamorphosed Adirondack gabbroic, syenitic and quartz syenitic rocks
A. F. Buddington

Relations between composition and indices of refraction in natural plagioclase
F. Chayes

Two new crystalline phases of the anorthite composition CaO·Al2O3·2SiO2
G. L. Davis and O. F. Tuttle

The symmetry change in the high-temperature alkali-feldspar series
Gabrielle Donnay and J. D. H. Donnay

On the granulites of Lapland
Pentti Eskola

Orthopyroxenes of the Bushveld type, ion substitutions, and changes in unit cell dimensions
H. H. Hess

Twinning frequency in feldspar phenocrysts from a quartz latite sill at Sierra Blanca, Texas
Earl Ingerson

Significance of variation in the high-low inversion of quartz
M. L. Keith and O. F. Tuttle

Japanese twins of quartz
S. Kozu

Thermochemistry of plagioclase and alkali feldspars
F. C. Kracek and K. J. Neuvonen


The effects of temperature on the symmetry of high temperature soda-rich feldspars
Wm. S, MacKenzie

The system H2O—Na2O—SiO2 at 400° C
G. W. Morey and J. M. Hesselgesser

Heat of formation of Merwinite and Monticellite
K. J. Neuvonen

The chemistry of Keweenawan lavas
Paul Niggli

The system Diopside—Forsterite—Anorthite
E. F. Osborn and D. B. Tait

A reconnaissance of liquidus relations in the system K2O·2SiO2—FeO—SiO2
Edwin Roedder

Leucite, potash nepheline, and clinopyroxene from volcanic lavas from southwestern Uganda and adjoining Belgian Congo
Th. G. Sahama

The system FeO—Al2O3—SiO2
J. F. Schairer and Kenzo Yagi

Single-crystal measurements in Paracelsian
J. V. Smith

Temperature scales and silicate research
R. B. Sosman

Some trends of basaltic magma in limestone syntexis
C. E. Tilley

The angle between the a-Axis and the trace of the rhombic section on the {010}-pinacoid in plagioclases
George Tunell

Optical studies on alkali feldspars
O. F. Tuttle

The MgO—Al2O3—SiO2—H2O system and the related metamorphic facies
H. S. Yoder, Jr.

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