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April/May 2001

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Fluvial landscape response time: how plausible is steady-state denudation?
Kelin X. Whipple

Slow rates of rock surface erosion and sediment production across the Namib Desert and escarpment, southern Africa
Paul R. Bierman and Marc Caffee

Emplacement and denudation history of the Lewis-Eldorado-Hoadley thrust slab in the northern Montana Cordillera, USA: implications for steady-state orogenic processes
James W. Sears

The approach to steady-state thermochronological distribution following orogenic development in the Southern Alps of New Zealand
Geoffrey E. Batt

A fluvial record of long-term steady-state uplift and erosion across the Cascadia forearc high, western Washington State
Frank J. Pazzaglia and Mark T. Brandon

Slope distributions, threshold hillslopes, and steady-state topography
David R. Montgomery

Uplift, shortening, and steady-state topography in active mountain belts
Sean D. Willett, Rudy Slingerland, and Niels Hovius

A channelization model of landscape evolution
Colin P. Stark and Gavin J. Stark

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