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Orville Volume


Studies in metamorphism and metasomatism

Introduction and Contents to Orville Volume
Hugh J. Greenwood

Geobarometlrhy of high-grade metamorphnic rocks
Robert C. Newton

Equilibria involving Al-Cr spinel: I. Mg-Fe exchange with olivine. Experiments, thermodynamic analysis, and consequences for geothermometry
Martin Engi

Magnesiocarpholite and magnesiochloritoid: two index minerals of pelitic blueschists and their preliminary phase relations in the model system MgO-Al2O3-SiO2-H2O
Christian Chopin and Werner Schreyer

Phase equilibrian in the system CaO-SiO2-CO2
A. H. Treiman and E. J. Essene

Metamorphism of rodingites: Part I. Phase relations in a portion of the system CaO-MgO-Al2O3-SiO2-H2O
Jack M. Rice

Experimentally determined hydration and dehydration reaction rates in the system MgO-SiO2-H2O
Warren W. Wegner and W. G. Ernst

Intergranular diffusion in metamorphic rocks
John B. Brady

On the control of temperature, fluid composition, and reaction progress during metamorphism
J. M. Ferry

Grain growth and grain-boundary diffusion in quartz from the Christmas Mountains (Texas) contact aureole
Raymond Joesten

Acivity models for plagioclase and CO3-scapolites-an analysis of field and laboratory data
W. Heiko Oterdoom and William D. Gunter

Feldspar solubility and the transport of aluminum under metamorphic conditions
G. M. Anderson and C. Wayne Burnham

Pore solution compositions in a pelitic system at high temperatures, pressures, and salinities
Rosemary Vidale

The plagioclase exchange reaction in carbonate solutions and application to nephelinization
C. Cermignani and G. M. Anderson

Phase relations among greenschist, epidote amphibolite, and amphibolite in a basaltic system
Michael J. Apted and J. G Liou

Flourine hydroxyl titanian clinohumite in alpine recrystallized garnet peridotite: compositional controls and petrologic significance
Bernard Evans and Volkmar Trommsdorff

A model for the progressive regional metamorphism of margarite-bearing rocks in the Central Alps
Kurt Bucher-Nurminen, Eric Frank, and Martin Frey

High pressure metamorphism of silicious dolomites from the central Tauern window, Austria
Gerhard Franz and Frank S. Spear

Experimental studies on glaucophane stability
John H. Carman and M. Charles Gilbert

Metamophic evolution of the Mt. Emilius Klippe, Dent Blanche nappe, Western Alps
Giorgio V. Dal Piaz, Bruno Lombardo, and Guido Gosso

Description and interpretation of a metasomatic phase relations at high pressures and temperatures; 2. Metasomatic reactions between quartz and dolomite at Compolungo, Switzerland
John V. Walther

Thermal history of the deep crust inferred from granulite xenoliths, Queensland, Australia
Suzanne Mahlburg Kay and Robert W. Kay

The formation of ordered dolomite from high-magnesium calcite at 250o to 350oC and 1500 bars: epitactic growth with optimal phase orientation, and implications for carbonate diagenesis
John Grover and Florian Kubanek

Calculation of the chemical and thermodynamic consequences of differences between fluid and geostatic pressure in hydrothermal systems
Carol J. Bruton and Harold C. Helgeson

Petrologic and stable-isotopic studies of fluid-rock interactions, south-central Connecticut: I. The role of infiltration in producing reaction assemblages in impure marbles
Robert J. Tracy, Danny M. Rye, David A. Hewitt, and Craig M. Schiffries

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