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Bradley Volume

The Bradley Volume

A Special Volume in Appreciation of Wilmot H. Bradley on His Sixty-first Birthday


Wilmot Hyde Bradley--Geologist, geomorphologist, paleolimnologist, paleontologist, administrator
W. P. Woodring

Magnetic susceptibility anisotropy and fabric of some Adirondack granites and orthogneisses
I. R. Balsley and A. F. Buddington

Thermodynamic properties of some synthetic zinc and copper minerals
Paul B. Barton, Jr. and Philip M. Bethke

Gas as a sedimentary and diagenetic agent
Preston E. Cloud, Jr.

The boundary between rocks of Carlile and Niobrara age in San Juan Basin, New Mexico and Colorado
Cane H. Dane

Oxidation of pyrite by iron sulfate solutions
Robert M. Garrels and M. E. Thompson

A folded thrust in Nevada-inferences as to time relations between folding and faulting
James Gilluly

Interpretation of erosional topography in humid temperate regions
John T. Hack

On evolutionary euryhalinity
C. E. Hutchinson

Problems of stratigraphy and correlation of Precambrian rocks, with particular reference to the Lake Superior Region
Harold L. James

The anatomy and habitat of low-angle thrust faults
Philip B. King

Analysis of some recent geosynclinal theory
Adolph Knopf

Origin of the Pacific island molluscan fauna
Harry S. Ladd

Uranium and thorium in selected suites of igneous rocks
Esper S. Larsen, 3rd, and David Gottfried

Geologic problems in Sweetwater barite district, Tennessee
Robert A. Laurence

The ubiquitous diatom - a brief survey of the present state of knowledge
K. E. Lohman

Possible explanation of diverse structural patterns in southern Nevada
Chester R. Longwell

Cenozoic sedimentation and crustal movement in Wyoming
J. D. Love

Hydrothermal alteration zones caused by halogen acid solutions, East Tintic district, Utah
T. S. Lovering and A. O. Shepard

Cycles in carbonate rocks
Edwin D. McKee

Relation of reserves of the elements to their crustal abundance
V. E. McKelvey

Classification and association of the carbonate minerals of the Green River formation
Charles Milton and Joseph I. Fahey

A new method of plotting chemical analyses of basaltic rocks
K. J. Murata

Carbon isotopes of existing lakes and their bearing on paleolimnology
Shinya Oana and Edward S. Deevey

The nature of residual liquids from crystallization, with data on the system nepheline-diopside-silica
Frank M. Schairer and H. S. Yoder, Jr.

How old are the angiosperms?
Richard A. Scott, Elso S. Barghoorn, and Estella B. Leopold

Notes on the measurement of faunal resemblance
George Gaylord Simpson

Crystal chemistry of β-spodumene solid solutions on the join Li2O.A12O3-SiO2
Brian J. Skinner and Howard T. Evans, Jr.

Distribution of the freshwater clam Pisidium ultramontanum; a paleo-zoogeographic inquiry
Dwight W. Taylor

Origin and use of the word "shale"
Harry A. Tourtelot

On fish remains in lacustrine sediments
J. R. Vallentyne

Determining direction of flow in basalts
A. C. Waters

The Keweenawan lavas of Lake Superior, an example of flood basalts
Walter S. White

Terrain intelligence and current military concepts
Frank C. Whitmore, Jr.

Generic change in Tertiary floras in relation to age
Jack A. Wolfe and Elso S. Barghoorn

Bedrock patterns and strike-slip faulting in southwestern California
A. O. Woodford

Paleoecologic dissonance; Astarte and Nipa in the early Eocene London clay
W. P. Woodring

High-pressure form of analcite and free energy change with pressure of analcite reactions
H. S. Yoder, Jr. and C. E. Weir

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