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September/October/November 1999
Berner Issue (nos. 7-9)
A Special Issue Dedicated to Robert A. Berner

Introduction to the Berner Special Issue
Donald Caufield and Bernard Boudreau

New rheological and porosity equations for steady-state compaction
Bernard P. Boudreau and Richard H. Bennett

Sedimentary organic matter preservation: a test for selective degradation under oxic conditions
John I. Hedges, Feng Sheng Hu, Allan H. Devol, Hilairy E. Hartnett, Elizabeth Tsamakis,and Richard G. Keil

Anomalous enrichments of iron monosulfide in euxinic marine sediments and the role of H2S in iron sulfide transformations: examples from Effingham Inlet, Orca Basin, and the Black Sea
Matthew T. Hurtgen, Timothy W. Lyons, Ellery D. Ingall, and Anna M. Cruse

Stable isotope tracing of anaerobic methane oxidation in the gassy sediments of Eckernforde Bay, German Baltic Sea
Christopher S. Martens, Daniel B. Albert, and M.J. Alperin

Global chemical erosion over the last 250 my: variations due to changes in paleogeography, paleoclimate, and paleogeology
Mark T. Gibbs, Gregg J.S. Bluth, Peter J. Fawcett, and Lee R. Kump

An interferometric study of the dissolution kinetics of anorthite: the role of reactive surface area
A. Luttge, E.W. Bolton, and A.C. Lasaga

Bond strength and the relative weathering rates of simple orthosilicates
Michael A. Velbel

The evolution of the sulfur cycle
D. E. Canfield and R. Raiswell

Marine organic phosphorus cycling: Novel insights from nuclear magnetic resonance
Lauren Lisa Clark, Ellery D. Ingall, and Ronald Benner

Marine organic phosphorous cycling: novel insights from nuclear magnetic resonance
John W. Morse and Giles M. Marion

Biogeochemical responses of the carbon cycle to natural and human perturbations: past, present, and future
Leah May B. Ver, Fred T. Mackenzie, and Abraham Lerman

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