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Wones Volume

Frontiers in Petrology
Introduction and Contents to Wones Volume
A. Krishna Sinha. David A. Hewitt, Robert J. Tracy

Evidence for accreted terranes and the effect of metamorphism
E-an Zen

Magmatic conditions and development of chemical zonation in the Carpenter Ridge Tuff, Central San Juan volcanic field
James A. Whitney, Michael J. Dorais, John C. Stormer, Jr., Stephen W. Kline, and David J. Matty

Silicate-sulfide-oxide-fluid reactions in granulite-grade pelitic rocks, central Massachusetts
Robert J. Tracy and Peter Robinson

Petrogenesis of the South Penobscot Intrusive Suite, Maine
David B. Stewart, Joseph G. Arth, and M. J. K. Flohr

Metamorphic petrology and strontium isotope geochemistry associated with the development of mylonites: An example from the Brevard fault zone
A. Krishna Sinha, David A. Hewitt, and J. Donald Rimstidt

Petrogenesis of metaluminous and peraluminous tonalities within the Merrimack synclinorium: Hardwick Tonalite, central Massachusetts
C. K. Shearer and Peter Robinson

Generallization of the correlations between hydroxyl-stretching wavenumbers and composition of micas in the system K2O-MgO-Al2O3-Si2O-H2O: A single model for trictahedral and dioctahedral micas
Jean-Louis Robert and Hideomi Kodama

Sr, Nd, and O isotope variations in compositionally zoned and unzoned plutons in the central Sierra Nevada batholith
Malcolm Hill, James R. O'Neil, Harry Noyes, Fred a. Frey, and David R. Wones

A useful fiction: polyhedral modeling of mineral properties
Robert M. Hazen

Compositional variation of biotite as a function of metamorphic reactions and mineral assemblage in the pelitic schists of western Maine
C. V. Guidotti, J. T. Cheney, and D. J. Henry

Element partioning and thermobarometry in polymetamorphic Late Archean and Early-Mid Proterozoic rocks from Eastern Liaoning and southern Jilin Provinces, Peoples's Republic of China
W. G.Ernst

Nature and origin of the root of the Sierra Nevada
Franklin C. W. Dodge and Paul C. Bateman

Alkali amphibole, tetrasilicic mica and sodic pyroxene in peralkaline siliceous rocks, Questa Caldera, New Mexico
Gerald K. Czamanske and Brigitte Dillet

The stability of Mg-chlorite in supercritical H2O-CO2 fluids
Joseph V. Chernosky and Robert G. Berman

Pb and O isotopic geochemistry of granitic plutons in northern Maine
R. A. Ayuso, M. F. Horan, and R. E. Criss

Coast batholith and Taku plutons near Ketchikan, Alaska: petrography, geochronology, geochemistry, and isotopic character
Joseph G. Arth, Fred Barker, and Thomas W. Stern

Role of fluids during contact metmorphism; stable isotope evidence from the Rockley Volcanics, eastern Australia
A. S. Andrew and J. R. O'Neil

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