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Schairer Volume

The Schairer Volume

A Special Volume in Appreciation of J. Frank Schairer on His Sixty-fifth Birthday


The stability of acmite in the presence of H2O
D. K. Bailey

Melting relations in the system jadeite-diopside at 30 and 40 kilobars
Peter M. Bell and Brian. T. C. Davis

High-pressure megacrysts in basanitic lavas near Armidale, New South Wales
R. A. Binns

Electron-probe study of diopside inclusions from kimberlite
F. R. Boyd

The specific volume of water in the range 1000-8900 bars, 200 to 900oC
C. W. Burnham, J. R. Hollaway, and N. F. Davis

Transition metal contents of Al2SiO5 polymorphs
G. A. Chinner, J. V. Smith, and C. R. Knowles

An experimental study of the recrystallization of porcelanite and its hearing on the origin of some bedded cherts
W. G. Ernst and S. E. Calvert

Studies in the system BaO-Al2O3-SiO2, II. The binary system celsian (BaAl2SiO8)-silica (SiO2)
W. R. Foster and H. C. Lin

High-pressure stability of acmite
M. C. Gilbert

P-T-X relations in the system CaCO3-MgCO3 at high temperatures and pressures
J. R. Goldsmith and R. C. Newton

The compressibility of gaseous mixtures of carbon dioxide and water between 0 and 500 bars pressure and 450o and 800o centigrade
H. J. Greenwood

Synthesis and stability of Ti-andradite
H. G. Huckenholz

The lead-sulfur system
G. Kullerud

Pigeonite-bearing andesite and associated dacite from Asio, Japan
Hisashi Kun

The system forsterite diopside-silica with and without water at high pressures
Ikuo Kushiro

Subsolidus relations along the join hedenbergite-ferrosilite
D. H. Lindsley and J. L. Munoz

The systems NaAlSi3O8-SiO2 and KAlSi8O3-SiO2 to 20 kb and the relationship between H2O content, PH2O, and PTotal in granitic magmas
W. C. Luth

The system MgO-SiO2-TiO2 and its bearing on the distribution of TiO2 in basalts
Ian D. MacGregor

Diopside + spinel equilibria, anorthite and forsterite reaction relationships in silica-poor liquids in the system CaO-MgO-A12O3-SiO2 at atmospheric pressure and their hearing on the genesis of melilitites and nephelinites
M .J. O'Hara and G. M. Biggar

The crystallization of ternary feldspars: a study from natural rocks
> S. Rahman and W. S. MacKenzie

High-pressure phases in the system MgO-A12O3-SiO2-H2O
H. Schreyer and F. Seifert

Structural explanation for variations in cell parameters of alkali feldspar with Al/Si ordering
D. B. Stewart and P. H. Ribbe

Phase equilibria in the system MgO-iron oxide-TiO2 in air
F. Woermann, B. Bren_n_ and A. Muan

The fayalite -magnetite-quartz assemblage between 600o and 800oC
David R. Wones and M. Charles Gilbert

Liquidus phase relationships in the system CaO-CO2-H2O to 40 kilobars pressure with petrological applications
P. J. Wyllie and A. L. Boettcher

An experimental study on the role of titanium in alkalic basalts in light of the system diopside-akermanite-nepheline-CaTiAl2O6
Kenzo Yagi and Kosuke Onuma

Stability relations in the system CaSO4-H2O at high temperatures and pressures
H. Yamainoto and G. C. Kennedy

Melting of a hydrous phase: phlogopite
H. S. Yoder, Jr., and 1. Kushiro

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