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Ostrom Volume

Functional Morphology and Evolution
Introduction and Contents to Ostrom Volume
Peter Dodson and Philip Gingerich

Feeding strategies and metabolism in elephants and sauropod dinosaurs
Edwin H.Colbert

Ammonite aptychi: How to transform a jaw into an operculum
Adolplh Seilacher

The origin of tetrapods
Keith Steward Thomson

Function and phylogeny in sauropterygian (Diapsida) evolution
Glenn W. Storrs

The wings of pterasaurs
Kevin Padian and Jeremy M. V. Rayner

On the rareness of big, fierce animals: Speculations about the body sizes, populations densities and geographic ranges of predatory mammals and large, carnivorous dinosaurs
James A. Farlow

Comparative craniology of the Ceratopsia
Peter Dodson

Skull of Archaeornithoides from the upper cretaceous of Mongolia
E. Elzanowski and P. Wellnhofer

The evolution of the avian shoulder joint
Farish A. Jenkins

Braincase structure in the oldest known skull of a therian mammal: Implications for mammalian systematics and cranial evolution
James A Hopson and Guillermo W. Rougier

Inferring locomotion behavior in Paleogene mammals via eigenshape analysis
Norman MacLeod and Kenneth D. Rose

Tooth form and diet in ateline and alouattine primates: Reflections on the comparative method
Mark R. L. Anthony and Richard F. Kay

New endocasts of Aegyptopithecus: Oldest well-preserved record of the brain in Anthropoidea
Elwyn L. Simons

"On the merits of adequacy"
Carl Gans

Tree-based approaches to understanding history: Comments on ranks, rules, and the quality of the fossil record
Mark A. Norell

Turn-over pulses, the Red Queen, and related topics"
Elisabeth S. Vrba

Quantification and comparison of the evolutionary rates
Philip D. Gingerich

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