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Jackson Volume

The Jackson Volume

In memory of Everett Dale Jackson 1925-1978

Introduction and Forward



Magmatic density currents and cumulus processes
T. N. Irvine

Investigations of the Stiliwater Complex: Part I. Stratigraphy and structure of the banded zone
I. S. McGalluin, L. D. Raedeke, and E. A. Mathez

A summary of the stratigraphy, petrology, and structure of the Duluth Complex
Paul W. Weiblen and G. B. Morey

Oxygen fugacities of the layered series of the Skaergaard intrusion, East Greenland
Motoaki Sato and Mariano Valenza

Concerning intensive parameters in the Skaergaard intrusion
S. A. Morse, D. H. Lindsley, and R. J. Williams


Folded thrust fault and associated metamorphics in the Suckling-Dayman Massif, Papua-New Guinea
H. L. Davies

Interpretation of peridotite structures from ophiolitic and oceanic environments
Adoiphe Nicolas, Françoise Boudier, and Jean-Luc Bouchez

Application of pyroxene and olivine-spinel geothermometers to spinel peridotites in southwestern Oregon
D. J. Henry and L. G. Medaris, Jr.

Petrology of ultramafic and gabbroic rocks of the Canyon Mountain ophiolite, Oregon
Glen R. Himmelberg and Robert A. Loney

Syncrystallization and subsolidus deformation in ophiolitic peridotite and gabbro
T. P. Thayer

Multiple intrusive events documented from the Vourinos ophiolite complex, northern Greece
M. Elaine Harkins, H. W. Green II, and E. H. Moores

Petrology and evolution of the Red Mountain ophiolite complex, New Zealand
John M. Sinton

Genesis of the Smartville arc-ophiolite, Sierra Nevada foothills, California
Martin Menzies, Douglas Blanchard, and Costas Xenophontos

The Sparta ophiolitic complex, northeast Oregon: a plutonic equivalent to low K2O island-arc volcanism
David Phelps and Hans G. Avé Lallemant

Tectonic setting and trace element geochemistry of Mesozoic ophiolitic rocks in western Washington
Joseph A. Vance, Michael A. Dungan, Douglas P. Blanchard, and J. M. Rhodes



Petrology and geochemistry of composite ultramafic xenoliths in alkalic basalts and implications for magmatic processes within the mantle
Anthony J. Irving

The origin of pyroxenites and garnet pyroxenites from Salt Lake Crater, Oahu, Hawaii: trace element evidence
Fred A. Frey

Neutron activation autoradiography of Hawaiian xenoliths
Marvin H. Beeson and Melvin H. Beeson

The petrology of spinel-peridotite xenolitlis from the Massif Central, France
G. M. Brown, R. H. Pinsent, and P. Coisy

Ultramafic inclusions and host alkali olivine basalts of the southern coastal plain of the Red Sea, Saudi Arabia
E. D. Ghent, R. G. Coleman, and D. G. Hadley

Lherzolites, eclogites, and megacrysts from some kimberlites of Angola
F. R. Boyd and R. V. Danchin

Dunite xenoliths from Hualalai Volcano: evidence for mantle diapiric flow beneath the Island of Hawaii
Stephen H. Kirby and Harry W. Green, 11

Amphibole-rich veins in lherzolite xenoliths, Dish Hill and Deadman Lake, California
H. G. Wilshire, J. E. Nielson Pike, C. F. Meyer, and F. C. Schwarzman

Stable isotope, chemical, and petrographic studies of highpressure amphiboles and micas: evidence for metasomatism in the mantle source regions of alkali basalts and kimberlites
A. L. Boeticher and J. R. O'Neil

Mantle metasomatism as a precursor to the genesis of alkaline magmas -- isotopic evidence
Martin A. Menzies and V. Rama Murthy

Geochemistry and origin of xenolith-bearing and related alkali basaltic rocks from the Southern Highlands, New South Wales, Australia
Suzanne Y. Wass


Volcanic periodicity along the Hawaiian-Emperor chain
Herbert R. Shaw, E. Dale Jackson, and Keith E. Bargar

The progression of volcanism in the Samoan linear volcanic chain
James H. Natland

Age and strontium isotopic composition of the Honolulu Volcanic Series, Oahu, Hawaii
Marvin A. Lanphere and G. Brent Dalrymple

The southwest rift zone of Mauna Loa: implications for structural evolution of Hawaiian volcanoes
Peter W. Lipman

Chemical variations in Kilauea eruptions 1971-1974
Thomas L. Wright and Robert I. Tilling

Origin of Hawaiian tholeiites: trace element constraints
William P. Leeman, James R. Budahn, David C. Gerlach, Diane R. Smith, and Benjamin N. Powell

Trace element geochemistry of the East Molokai Volcanic Series, Hawaii
David A. Clague and Melvin H. Beeson

Chemical variations of the glass and mineral phases in basalts dredged from 25o-30oN along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Thomas H. O'Donnell and Dean C. Presnall

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