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Arthur L. Day Volume

The Day Volume

A Special Volume in Appreciation of Arthur L. Day


The freezing-point solubility curves of hydrates and other compounds under pressure
Leason H. Adams

Lavas of the African rift valleys and their tectonic setting
Norman L.Bowen

The phenomena of Falling Mountain
Clarence N. Fenner

On the effect of pressure on the solubility of solids in liquids
R. E. Gibson

Silicate-Water systems: Phase equilibria in the NaAlSi3O8-H2O and KAlSi3O8-H2O systems at high temperatures and pressures
Roy W. Goranson

The system Na2O.Al2O3.2SiO2 (Nephelite, Carnegieite)- Na2O.Al2O3.6SiO2 (Albite)
J. W. Greig and Tom. F. W. Barth

The constitution of some boric oxide compounds
James H. Hibben

Albite trends in some rocks of the Piedmont
Earl Ingerson

The system. Water-boron oxide
F. C. Kracek, G. W. Morey and H. E. Merwin

The unit cell and space-group of β-Glycine
C. J. Ksanda and G. Tunell

Clay and other minerals from the deep sea, hot springs, and weathered rocks
H. E. Merwin and E. Posnjak

Studies of solubility in systems containing alkali and water
George W. Morey and John S. Burlew

The system. Water-sodium disilicate
G. W. Morey and Earl Ingerson

Radium in rocks: V. The radium content of the four groups of pre-Cambrian granites of Finland
Charles Snowden Piggot

Radium and the petrology of certain granites of Finland
Tom. F. W. Barth

The system, CaSO4-H2O
E. Posnjak

Direct measurements of silicate heats of melting
Howard S. Roberts

The system Leucite-Diopside-Silica
J. F. Schairer and N. L. Bowen

The gases in rocks and some related problems
E. S. Shepherd

Evidence on the intrusion-temperature of peridotites
Robert B. Sosman

The crystallography of potassium tetrathionate
G. Tunell, H. H. Merwin and C. J. Ksanda

An improved torsion gravity meter
F. E. Wright and J. L. England

The concentration of the less familiar elements through igneous and related activity
E. G. Zies

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