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Cooper Volume

The Cooper Volume

In memory of Byron Nelson Cooper 1912- 1971

Forward and Introduction

Stratigraphy and structure of the metamorphic belt in northwestern North Carolina and southwestern Virginia: A study from the Blue Ridge across the Brevard Fault Zone to the Sauratown Mountains ariticlinorium
Douglas W. Rankin, Gilbert H. Espenshade, Karen Wier Shaw

Stratigraphy and structure of part of the Great Smoky and Murphy Belt Groups, western North Carolina
David W. Mohr

Paleozoic deformation and metamorphism in part of the Blue Ridge thrust sheet, North Carolina
J. Robert Butler

Stratigraphy and structure along the Brevard Fault Zone in western Georgia and eastern Alabama
Jack H. Medlin and Thomas J. Crawford

Polytectonic evolution of the Brevard Zone
Paul J. Roper and Philip S. Justus

Geochronologic and tectonic relationships between the Inner Piedmont, Brevard Zone, and Blue Ridge belts, North Carolina
A. Leroy Odom and Paul D. Fullagar

Superimposition of folding in the northeastern Maryland Piedmont and its bearing on the history and tectonics of the Central Appalachians
Michael W. Higgins

A new Cambrian trilobite from the Piedmont of North Carolina
Joseph St. Jean

Igneous rocks of the Oxford Area, Granville County, North Carolina
Jarvis B. Hadley

The Virginia deformation, a Late Precambrian to Early Cambrian (?) orogenic event in the central Piedmont of Virginia and North Carolina
Lynn Glover and Akhaury Krishna Sinha

Salterella in the Lower Cambrian shady dolomite of southwestern Virginia
W. J. Byrd, E. L. Weinberg, and Ellis L. Yochelson

Biostratigraphy and facies relations in the lower Middle Ordovician of easternmost Tennessee
Stig M. Bergstrom

Major Middle Ordovician reef tract in East Tennessee
Kenneth R. Walker and Kenneth F. Ferrigno

Environments of deposition of the Price Formation (Lower Mississippian) in its type area, southwestern Virginia
Ronald D. Kreisa and Richard K. Bambach

Complexities of overthrust faults in Central Virginia
Kenneth F. Bick

Where and why of Pine Mountain and other major fault planes, Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee
Ralph L. Miller

Southwestern Appalachian structural system beneath the Gulf coastal plain
William A. Thomas

Slope distribution and relationship to bedrock in Appalachian ridges near Roanoke, Virginia
G. C. Grender

Seismicity and crustal uplift in the southeastern United States
G. A. Bollinger

Tectonic deformation of composite-mold fossil bivalvia (mollusca)
R. K. Bambach

Cretaceous-Tertiary transition: Rio Grande outcrop section
John D. Cooper

The metamorphism of micaceous limestones from south-central Connecticut
David A. Hewitt

The feldspars of the Kiglapait intrusion, Labrador
Joseph A. Speer and Paul H. Ribbe

The crystal chemistry of staurolite
Dana T. Griffen and P. H. Ribbe

Pyrite-pentlandite assemblages and other low temperature relations in the Fe-Ni-S system
James R. Craig

High pressure stability of nickel diopside
Brenda B. Higgins and M. C. Gilbert

Cation distribution in three hornblendes
Keith Robinson, G. V. Gibbs, P. H. Ribbe , and M. R. Hall

The detent spindle stage
F. Donald Bloss and James F. Light

Mineralogy of the Maccrady Formation near Saltville, Virginia
Bruce W. Nelson

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