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Cloud Volume

Proterozoic Evolution and Environments
Introduction and Contents Cloud Volume
Andrew H,. Knoll and John H Ostrom

A paleoweathering profile from Griqualand West, South Africa: Evidence for dramatic rise in atmospheric oxygen between 2.2 and 1.9 bybp
Heinrich D. Holland and Nicolas J. Beukes

Iron reduction by bacteria: A potential role in the genesis of Banded Iron Formations
Kenneth H. Nealson and Charles R. Myers

Stratigraphic shifts in carbon isotopes from Proterozoic stromatolitic carbonates (Mauritania): Influences of primary mineralogy and diagenesis
I. J. Fairchild, J. D. Marshall, and J. Bertrand-Sarfati

Geochemical model for Proterozoic stamatolite decline
John P. Grotzinger

Carbonate deposition during the Late Proterozoic era: An example from Spitsbergen
Andrew H. Knoll and Keene Swett

Coiled carbonaceous megafossils from the Middle Proterozoic of Jixian (Tianjin) and Montana
M. R. Walter, Du Rulin, and R. J. Horodyski

Possible Late Proterozoic skeletal algae from the Pahrump Group, Kingston Range, southeastern California
Robert J. Horodyski and Carol Mankiewicz

Micropaleontology, depositional environment, and biostratigraphy of the Upper Proterozoic Hedmark Group, southern Norway
Gonzalo Vidal and Johan Petter Nystuen

Molecular fossils and microfossils of prokaryotes and protists from Proterozoic sediments from the upper cretaceous of Mongolia
Roger Summons and Malcolm R. Walter

The early skeletal organism Cloudina: New occurrences from Oman and possibly China
S. Conway Morris, B. W. Mattes, and Chen Menge

Shell structure and distribution of Cloudina, a potential index fossil for the terminal Proterozoic
Stephen W.F. Grant

Working hypotheses for the origin of the Wonoka Canyons (Neoproterozoic), South Australia
Nicholas Christie-Blick, C. C. von der Borch, and P. A. DiBona

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