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Rodgers Volume

Tectonics and Mountain Ranges
Himalayas: The Collided Range present knowledge of the continental arc
Patrick Le Fort

Tectonics of Antarctica: a review
David H. Elliot

Fundamental features in the structure and evolution of the Urals
S. N. Ivanov, A. S. Perfiliev, A. A. Efimov, G. A. Smirnov, V. M. Necheukhin, and G. B. Fershtater

Structure and main stages in the tectono-magmatic developoment of the Caucasus: an attempt at gedynamic interpretation
V. E. Khain

Structural geology of Variscan Tien Shan, USSR
V. S. Burtman

Structural evolution of Eastern Siberia and adjacent areas
Yu. A. Kosygin and L. M. Parfenov

Penninic-Austroalpine boundary in the Swiss Alps: a presumed former continental margin and its problems
Rudolph Trumpy

On the intensive seismic acivity in China and its relation to plate tectonics
Shi Zhen-Liang, Huan Wen-Lin, Wu Huang, and Cao Xin-Ling; translated by E. C. T. Chao

Finite plate implications; Some implications for the evolution of rock masses at plate margins
John F.Dewey

Subduction and the structure of andesitic volcanic belts
William S. Fyfe and Alexander R. McBirney

The continental margin of eastern North America in the Southern Appalachians: The oopening and closing of the Proto-Atlantic Ocean
Douglas W. Rankin

Evolution of Taconian orogebn in the Quebec Appalachians
Pierre St. Julien and Claude Hubert

Nature and controls of Cordilleran orogenesis, western United States: Extensions of an earlier synthesis
B. C. Burchfiel and Gregory A. Davis

Regional topography, seismicity, Quaternary volcanism, and the present-day Tectonics of the western United States
John Suppe, Christine Powell, and Robert Berry

Precambrian (1500 m.y. old) rocks of central Idaho-the salmon River Arch and its role in Cordilleran sedimentation and tectonics"
Richard Lee Armstrong

A tectonic model for the central part of the Scandinavian Caledonides
David G. Gee

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